About Us

What originally started out as concoction to remedy a skin problem, has been dramatically transformed into a revolutionary new hair growth product for Black/African American hair. We are talking about 'Always Hair' by Queen of Sheba Beauty Products LLC.

The leap from skin to hair happened as a result of the product being so effective, and how it made the skin feel so moisturized, soft and luxurious. So, the idea came, why not try it on the hair and see what happens. The rest is ‘our’story (and can become yours too).

You see, I had suffered from some of the innate problems associated with “Black hair” - dry, brittle, split ends, dry scalp, and very slow growth. Nothing seemed to work. Essentially, I had nothing to lose.

A patent was applied for and granted in 1998. And in 2001, Queen of Sheba Beauty Products was born! Today, this elixir for hair growth is still  handmade in our small family -  owned operation to safeguard our secret formulation and preserve it’s authenticity.

Our product is free of paraben, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors, silicones or other synthetics. Natural and 100% vegetarian!

The mission of Queen of Sheba Beauty Products is to help Black women who suffer from hair loss, and other challenges with their natural hair, and allow them to regain their self-esteem, all through a safe and natural product divinely created especially for them.